This is a bit of the web dedicated to all of the strange thoughts and projects I’m either involved or interested in.  This is not a standard blog seeking untold numbers of followers to be exploited for advertising revenue – this is simply a conduit with which I can curate some of the better parts of the web and enlighten others.  I’m almost always up to something geeky and interesting so hopefully there will regularly be interesting material here that’s worth checking out (although I often don’t do a good job with the updating part).  Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Contact information: I’m not too hard to reach if you’re dedicated; you can find me on Freenode IRC as dwangoAC (especially in #nblug) and you can contact me by that handy thing called electronic mail using the first two letters of this domain name @ the domain name itself, obfuscated because obscurity doesn’t help security but it sure does cut down annoyances from spambots. :)

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