Donate via PayPal here (ignore the “AGDQ 2015” reference)

Hi, I’m dwangoAC and if you’re here it’s probably because you clicked on a donate link (thanks!). This page is for donations that directly support equipment needs for TASBot content and also help defray travel costs to charity events. Some of this equipment is for improving streaming to allow for better quality streams which will hopefully result in more people finding out about what TASBot’s charitable aspects are. Some of the equipment is directly for GDQ events. In other words, “Equipment” includes everything from specific games for TASBot to play to game consoles to figuring out how to capture said console output. My needs are changing all the time so please ask me about what I’m working toward next.

I always give 10% of whatever I receive on to the next charity event I’m at so know that a portion of your donation will go to a good cause. Thanks again for the support!

Donate via PayPal here (ignore the “AGDQ 2015” reference)

Bitcoin: 1CknXDyb5jTG1Nw1hs437r6fnz7npBSEfA (On Coinbase? Ping me in some form for a unique address to use for an off-blockchain transaction)