I am dwangoAC, keeper of TASBot and the founder and BDFL of the TASBot online community with 25+ years of test engineering, pentesting consulting, and general hardware and software hacking experience. I am part of the senior staff for TASVideos.org, a website devoted to using emulators to find glitches and techniques to play video games perfectly. I am a published journal author, patent holder, and presenter with talks at DEF CON, GeekPwn, Thotcon, May Contain Hackers, and other hacker conferences. I use my combined hacking interests for good at charity events like Games Done Quick to entertain viewers with never-before-seen glitches in games, with events I’ve led raising more than $1.3m for various charities.

Here’s a longer and more relaxed description of who I am and what this site is here for – I’m dwangoAC, keeper of TASBot and this is a bit of the web dedicated to some of the strange thoughts and projects I’m either involved or interested in. I’m almost always working on something geeky and interesting so hopefully there will be some things of interest here (although I rarely post articles on the order of once every few years). Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Contact information: I’m not too hard to reach; you can find me as the user @dwangoAC on Discord.gg/TASBot on our TASBot Discord community server, and you can contact me by that handy thing called electronic mail even using PGP if you like using my ac initials at acbit.net, obfuscated because obscurity doesn’t help security but it sure does cut down annoyances from spambots. 🙂